Livatek lives Hygge

Fun bits aside, hygge is a powerful thing. At its core, it means happiness, safety, and belonging. And we make sure everyone at Livatek feels hyggish at work and brings it home to their families. We’re a small and happy community, as is Denmark


What is Hygge?

It’s not any one particular thing. Hygge is a feeling, an atmosphere, a mood. When people cherish moments with one another. Originating from Scandinavia, hygge is an essential concept present in the lives of Danes such as our CEO. Jesper brought hygge to Livatek from his home country to spread feelings of trust and security to our employees and clients. Everyone within Livatek and everyone who interacts with us is welcomed into a community where we care about one another.

How is our
daily life


We cook breakfasts on Fridays

Time, we meet to get to know each other and enjoy each others company. We eat, tell stories and joke. Every breakfast is unique as well as is the cook. A tradition since 2013.


We love beer

In very special way, not only to drink. Brewing this most lively and joyful drink is part of our culture. We tweak the process and flavor of our own recipe with the very same precision we put into our work — that’s the secret ingredient!


We enjoy doing-it-ourselves

It’s a super small thing – but to do something ourselves makes us feel cozy and totally happier


We have joyful parties

Great people, exciting activity and delicious food — the formula is simple.


We celebrate together

Ukrainian holidays, seasonal festivities, and bring-a-child-to-work-day are all part of what we are. Every day is special.


We absolutely love travelling

It is one thing, we all have in common. And, we enjoy sharing travel experiences with each other.


We support the 17 SDGs - and walk the talk

The 17 Substainable Development Goals of the United Nations are an opportunity for Livatek and for each of us to take action. We are not afraid of making a difference.

Final word

The nice thing about the hygge lifestyle is that, in theory, it’s open to anyone. Because most hygge activities cost so little, no one needs to be barred from trying them on account of money.

Hygge forces us to slow down and relax – something that doesn’t come naturally to many of us. Making time in our schedule for long walks, potluck dinners, and board-game nights gives us a chance to step off the treadmill of working, earning, and spending, and just enjoy.