Easy access 

from around Kyiv

We are right next to the Demiivska metro station
with easy access from around the city. Also by car.

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Productive environment

No open space

We are not a factory. When we focus, we don’t need the whole company around us.

Your future workplace

Welcome to

Livatek offices

Scandinavian minimalism

Our offices are functional and comfortable. It's about simplicity, purity and calm.


Separate team rooms

Less distraction. More focus and productive collaboration. Greater satisfaction from results achieved.


A pleasant place to work

Out with the long tables and cubicles. In with comfortable chairs, good physical space and friendly surroundings.


And more

When you need to reload, go to the sports room, enjoy table tennis, table games or the library.

Photo Gallery

Scroll through your future home and see where engaged tech people in Kyiv come to work.

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