A workplace where
you matter

Code matters. Products matter. They solve problems for people.
And you matter - when you join our clients on their missions.

Join us, if you like to see your ideas implemented. And the way our clients work,
don’t be surprised, if you get to travel to see the difference you make.

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Work hard
and comfortably

The perfect balance

Livatek is a Danish company. Our clients are northern European and our developers are Ukrainian. We have long-lasting relationships with both. We understand what clients and developers need.


Find meaning

Let your skills make a difference

Our clients build products that matter. And you get to feel that you made a difference when you go home from work.


Feel Danish

Freedom with responsibilities

We are the place for those people who like the be treated like adults and can deliver without being controlled.


Live balanced

Make hours work for you

With Livatek, you will find the flexibility required for a modern life-style.

Apply your
skills and expertise 

Technical expertise

Skills matter. So does real work experience.
We look for the combination that makes a difference to our client.

Project areas

  • iconFinTech
  • iconMedTech
  • iconRetail
  • iconTelecom
  • iconSecurity
  • iconTravel
  • iconHealthcare
  • iconBuilding
  • iconWeb Development


  • Architect
  • Senior Developer
  • Regular Developer
  • Junior Developer
  • Team Lead
  • Technical Writer
  • Scrum Master
  • QA
  • DevOps
  • UI/UX Designer


  • iconJava
  • iconNode.js
  • icon.NET
  • iconPHP
  • iconPython
  • iconC++
  • iconC#
  • iconGolang
  • iconCobol
  • iconAndroid
  • iconiOS
  • iconJavaScript
  • iconAngular
  • iconReact Native
  • iconSalesforce
  • iconUX/UI Design

A really great place
to fulfil your potential


Built for focus

Livatek is organised to make our colleagues productive inside client teams. Without unnecessary noise and distractions. That allows you to put your skills to best possible use.

About us


We work with our clients to ensure clever processes and roles. Those that support your work and allow you do more of the right things – rather than control you and hold you down.

Our clients

And comfortable

Transportation is easy, offices are full of hygge, colleagues are friendly and welcoming. A company with the right balance of seriousness and fun.

What is Hygge

Some words from
our developers


Hello, it’s great to see you here!



I’m Viktoria, Lead Recruiter at Livatek. How can I help? ⤵️


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Come work with us!

Working at Livatek, you will be able to implement your ideas, put your hard skills
into practice and upgrade soft skills in direct communication with clients.