Strong together working
on your goals

We make bold promises: to make your software development scalable, reliable, creative and efficient.

Our promises are based on synergy between your vision, the talent of our employees, and our experience in distributed teams.

Together, we make it possible and go further together. Much further.


Your vision

  • Product
  • Roadmap
  • Market understanding
  • Priorities

Ukrainian talent

  • Smart and well-educated
  • International mindset
  • European and English speaking
  • Can travel to 129 countries

Livatek experience

  • IT and Finance process
  • Predictability
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Offices and equipment

How we work


Fast recruitment

We plan and execute recruitment to find perfect match talent to your team. We look for skills and fit to your corporate culture.

We find the perfect candidate in typically 30 to 40 days using our existing database, headhunting and internal references.


Smooth integration

As we onboard teams and individuals we fine-tune processes, tools and culture for maximum performance and smooth cooperation.

It typically takes 2-3 months to reach peak performance.


High loyalty

Comes from the combination of your ambitions and our stable and productive environment.

Our employee initiated churn is on average is less than 10% per year.

Putting our experience
to work for you

Our approach

Remote software development not always work. We identofied 3 areas that matters for success. Aside from our own daily actions, we make concrete and actionable recomendations for your team to be commited and productive.



There is only agile. But process still matters because it adjust expectations.



Tools support success for implementation of process. Individual tools can increase productivity and performance.



Only safe environment brings out the best of people.

Our talent knows how to handle the freedoms that come with responsibility.


Hello, it’s great to see you here! πŸ‘‹



I’m Jesper Lindholt, the CEO of Livatek. What can we do for you? ‡️


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